Discover the Mosel

Faszination Wein (english version)
“Celts, Romans and medieval monks shaped the history of wine production in the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer. Built on this heritage, a dynamic, committed generation of vintners produce mineralic, fine wines of unparalleled character today. This film takes you on a journey through the wine-growing region of the Mosel.”

Who doesn’t like to visit an old castle, discovering old walls and turrets and diving into centuries of history? Well, while we know that not everybody loves exploring old castles, we know that there are many visitors to the region that enjoy a visit to the past just as much as we do.  This video presents some of the medieval strongholds and castles along the Mosel. It is in German, but the pictures are spectacular.  And more information can be found at  Places not to be missed on the Mosel (and the neighboring regions Eifel and Hunsrück) include Burg Eltz, the Reichsburg in Cochem, Schloss Bürresheim near Mayen, and many more.

A short overview of what the Mosel region has to offer: Roman history, good food and fantastic wines, amazing cellars (be sure to visit the cellars of Traben-Trarbach), the Calmont (Europe’s steepest vineyards) and the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Trier.

There is a lot to discover and something for everyone here in the Mosel Region.  Small, picturesque towns with lots of culture, history and wine invite you to visit, and there is an abundance of stunning landscapes and beautiful nature that can be explored hiking, by boat, on a bicycle, in a horse-drawn carriage, or even on a tractor.